Herbalist Formulated ~Botanical Aroma Salts~ travels Well for Aromatherapy Support Everywhere - Suited for Children 8+ to Adult .. For Dispelling Anxiety + Mood Lift + Sooooothing Extreme Tension Quickly with Lasting Benefits.

A Traditional delivery method with a Herbalist Plant Remedy Twist.  Lemon Balm, Lavender, Chamomile, Grapefruit & Botanicals that QUICKLY deliver tension & anxiety relief simply through inhalation using our sense of smell - the olfactory sense.. These Botanical Aroma Salts are carefully formulated to retain plant Aromatics & Deliver Soothing action Fast & Anywhere.  


Easy to use + A VERY a handy herbal tool for Balancing & Centering in times of stress or mental unease. 

10 ml Personal Inhaler Glass Vial 

~Stillroom Botanical Aroma Salts~

  • Aromatherapy is a plant remedy that is EASY to use - Simply Shake Vial of Aroma Salts - Remove cap ~ place under nose & inhale deeply for a few moments.  Take a few deep breaths & relax - let the Botnaicals do their work & Feel Better.  It Is Time to Turn Over A New Leaf. 


    Simple Beautiful Flower power. Relieves anxiety, panic & extreme tension.  A blend of pure botanical aromatics that deliver calmness and mood lift where & when needed everytime.


    Sutied for Children 8+ to Adult.  

  • 10 mL