What is Cool ⛄ then Warm ☀ + provides FAST 100% plant source pain relief for muscles & joints? ~Botanica COOL Relief~ A Large Topical Roll-on 30ml for Big Pain + Anti-inflammatory Calming.   Tiger Balm in a Roll-on That is 100% PLANT Ingredient based only.  For Adult Use Only. 

2X infused Calendula - Our Farmed & Herbalist Formulated  with cooling therapuetic botanicals including Our Wildcrafted St. Johns Wort Flower Oil with Bee Pollen Intact  ... This Tiger-Balm like formula  triggers Cooling + Warming for further anti-inflammatory pain relief action that lasts. Just plants that are wildly effective ~ zero chemicals.  

For pain relief - For reducing inflammation + support for: bursitis, arthritis, tendon issues, muscular pain, tissue inflammation from overuse, muscular tension - back of neck, across shoulders.


Keep from eyes - Adult Topical Strength - 

Botanica Cool Relief Roll-on Large 30ml size


    Botanica Cool Relief ROLL - On pain relief - A Large 30ml roll-on

    applicator for BIG pain + anti-inflammatory Relief FAST.  Rolls on Cool 💨 then switches to Warm🔥 ... 100% Botanical...

    like 'lakota' but purely plant formulated  ✅ 💚  For Adult Use.

    A ROLL-ON TIGER BALM. 🔥👌 #feelitworking  With wildcrafted St. John's Wort Flower ~ Pollen Intact.. ++++ More Botanicals.A Herbalist Formulation A 2X infused smart blend that utilizes the power of

    Our Farmed Calendula with synergystic herbal ingredients specific for pain relief, & anti-inflammatory action. 

    Wildcrafted St. John’s Wort Flower for it's nerve aid & other specific botanicals, A Botnaical Stillroom proprietary blend that COOLS while it relieves muscle pain & tightness (inflammation) quickly. For the pain in the neck, for the tight locked up back pain & anywhere you need 'deep pain' ease. Release it with a 100% Organic plant source, Calendula, a traditional non side-effect pain remedy. Roll-on the plant love.

    The Calendula blossoms continue to infuse their anti-inflammatory benefits into the ~ Botanica Cool Relief ~ the longer you have it the better it gets.   That is Herbalism. 


    For Adult Topical Use Only 

  • 30 mL