Herbalist Formulated Especially for Babies - For Delicate + Sensitive skin ~ Hemp seed oil, Avocado oil & Grapeseed oil carry Decadent Wholesome Botanical nutrition to baby's skin.  Soft clean fresh aromatics from plant source only are within this gentle formula~Baby Soft Hemp Lotion.


What we put on our skin, we let in ~ using Plant Sourced + Formulated  lotions, soaps, salves & powders offers herbal harmony to the body & mind... Calms Soothes & Nourishes.

No harsh posionous chemcials or artifical fragrance - zero components found in connercial products that disrupt hormones & liver health.  These formulas are inspired by Mother nature & our Farm Forests & Fields... 


Infants Exposed to Hormone -Disrupting Chemicals in baby products - A study of 125 babies in Finland found exposure to phthalates: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/infants-exposed-to-hormone-disrupting-chemical/


Phthalates are chemical compounds found in commercial skin care products along with parabens.  



7 chemicals and toxins to avoid when buying baby products:



130 ml 



Baby Soft Hemp Lotion