~ Apothecary Bath Bombs are packed with botanical skin nutrition & sinus clearing herbals... All in an organic spa  fizzing bath bomb decadent Herbalist formula.   Zero artificial color fragrance or chemical ingredients. Wholesome Coconut Milk + Argan oil +  Herbals of:  Eucalyptus Canadian Spruce Rose Geranium Wildcrafted Elderflowers, Peppermint, with a kiss of Lavender which makes these the bomb for Relieving Mental Fatigue & Promoting Sound Uninterrupted Sweet Sleep. 


🌱 Gentle + Soothing yet refreshingly cleansing for the respiratory system + the Mind.  Truly Decadent + Apothecary because of the Mind & Body benefits delivered through Beautiful Medicnal Plant Power.  


Coconut milk & Butters all anti-fungal - moisturizing - wound healing + highly absorbable & nutritive for our skin.  Literally skin food.  


Apothecary Bath Bombs parceled in a 250ml Mason jar for ease of use ~ If you wish, the contents can be easily crumbled & used in your bath by the spoonful instead & looks just as pretty & is just as fizzingly herbally effective!    Each Apothecary Bath Bomb weighs between 55 + 60g. 


Suitable for children above 6 years with adult supervision 



~Apothecary Bath Bombs ~ Herbal & Decadent