6 Lavender Infused Tealights per pack - 100% Canadian Local Ontario Beeswax Tealights ~ Infused with French Lavender High Alititude Pure Essential Oil.   Like a summer meadow ~ relaxing + pure + clean burning with zero toxic residues or chemicals.  beeswax candles are well know for purifying the air & creating a positive charge.  

Lavender Infused Tealights ~100% Canadian Beeswax

  • 100% Organic Ontario Beeswax natural candles infused with High Altitude, Organic French Lavender, cotton wicking, hand crafted, 4 hr burn time ~ Beeswax burns clean pulling debris (pollen, dust) from environment supporting those with asthma or respiratory issues. No paraffin, artificial fragrance or poisons.  Beeswax cleans the air supporting those with asthma/allergies.

  • Bundle of 6